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Here you'll find my mini tea room box project
Hi,this is do it yourself page.Here you will learn how to make a tea room the way I made it.

The box,wallpaper and flooring!
The box(9x9) my mom bought at Wal-Mart for only 4.00.For the wallpaper and the flooring I used scrap book paper that cost only 1.50.To paper the walls I cut the scrap book paper to the right size then I rubed paper glue all over the back evenly,then I carefully stuck it on the walls(making sure there were no bubbles under the paper).I really enjoyed papering even though my fingers stuck together.
The Table and Chairs!
Boy making these table and chair was soooo easy!We bought round wood circles for the table tops at jo-Ann fabrics and square wood blooks and wood picket fencing also at Jo-Anns.We used dollhouse porch spindles for the legs of the table.The tables were easy we just drilled 4 holes in the bottom of the wood circle and glued them in(if you draw an X on the bottom of the table top with pencil it will give you a guide for the legs)then we painted them white.The chairs were easy too,we cut the picket fence at every 3 pickets and just glued them to the wood block with wood glue.we painted them white and my mom made cushions for the seats.The table cloths are fabric squares with frayed edges,we dipped them in about a cup of water with about a table spoon of taky glue,squeezed them out real good and draped them over the tables before they were painted and let the fabric dry before we took them off,then we put them back on after the tables were painted and dry.
The posters!
My mom printed the posters out on our computer,I arranged them and glued them up on the wall the same way as i did the wallpaper.Oops looks like I stuck one on the border...we'll....nobody is perfect.
The shelves!
These shelves were easy.We bought smaller circles at Jo-Anns cut them in 4 and presto 4 brackets to hold the shelves up.I painted them in bright colors,hung some doilies and they were ready for my teapots.
The Teapots!
My mom made the teapots out of clay and I love them all.The raggedy one is my favorite.
The Display Case
We diden't make the display case.It was a gift from my mom.I really wanted one for my cakes.The cakes in the picture are ones that I'm selling on my Cakes for sale page,but I'll be making my own soon.
My Finished Tea Shop!
I added a few more accessories like the news papers,gumball machine and glass of lemonaid.I hope you enjoyed my tea shop and were able to get some ideas.I made a tea shop because I wan't to have my own real tea shop when I'm older.

Thanks for stoping buy!!!!