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Hi I'm Jennifer Seifert I'm 13 years old and this is my web site.The reason I like to make minis is its fun and I just like making them.First I started to make cakes then I started making food. Thats why I made this site so I can share the things I made with you.
What I think about minis
What I think about minis is that making minis is totally fun its even more fun when I'm making them with my mom.She has her own web site to its called megs minis after my little sister she's six years old and she's soooo cute!My mom Francine tought me how to make minis if she didn't I wouldn't have this web site and I wouldn't be having this much fun.
Don't let life bug you and you will always bee hoppy!!!

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Want to take a bite?
Isn't this the yummiest strawberry cake you have ever seen.Looks good enough to eat dosen't it.I made it out of fimo clay.After I was done I wanted to eat it but I couldn't if I did it would be hard and wouldn't taste good and if I did eat it I wouldn't be showing it to you either.Don't forget I was 10 when I wrote this

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